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Who are we?

Trick16 is a Creative Technical Consultancy based in Ireland.

If you need something technical created but you don't have the skills, ask us! We specialise in projects related to the arts, culture, and heritage sector with a focus on how tech can help everyone achieve their goals and bringing magic into people's lives.

Illustration of Carl Lange

Carl Lange


Carl makes computers do things so that he can spend as much time as possible outside. By trade an experienced software engineer, he'll build your neural network, image filter, prototype, map, or automatic flower-watering device. He's also one of the first two people to walk all of Ireland's trails, a distance of 4,000 kilometres, as part of a project called Tough Soles, and has made popular free maps of those trails.

Illustration of Jen Carey

Jen Carey


Jen has worked in various roles at different tech companies while completing acting, filmmaking and writing courses on the side. She has lectured in game design and narrative, founded a company and brought a card game Rampunctious from idea to market, spoken internationally and served on the board of Imirt: the Irish Game Makes Association. Right now she’s really excited about writing a novel.

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